Arafura Fabrications Pty Ltd


Handrails and balustrades are the cornerstone of Arafura Fabrications' expertise. Whether it be for a domestic, commercial or industrial project, handrails and balustrades require expertise in three key areas which must mesh perfectly to succeed.

1. The Materials

Quality fabrication starts with high-quality materials. Arafura Fabrications draw from the best aluminium section, glass finishes, stainless steel section, and perforated mesh available.

2. The Technical Specifications

All Arafura Fabrications handrails and balustrades are engineered and manufactured to meet NT Safety Standards and Building Regulations. At all project completions our products receive an engineer's certification to see all Northern Territory requirements are met. This means our client investments are safe.

3. The Design

Architectural balustrades and handrails are the facades of functional construction. Well designed, they enhance the look and value of any project, large or small. Whether your project requires subtle detailing or a grand statement, Arafura Fabrications can address any verbal or drafted specification.