Arafura Fabrications Pty Ltd


Arafura Fabrications' Darwin awnings and screens are designed to protect your building from extreme sun, wind and rain to ensure comfort for the inhabitants. We can custom-make screens and awnings to suit your specifications including screens for the home, office or commercial property.


Arafura Fabrications' aluminum awnings are designed as a durable and maintenance-free architectural element to provide shade and shelter to walls, windows and balconies. Although primarily designed as a functional structural addition well designed Arafura Fabrications awnings not only improve comfort they also increase the value of the building.


Well-conceived architectural screens transform a building's appearance while adding additional functions to its utility.

  1. Additional privacy and security.
  2. Increased weather shielding for windows and balconies.
  3. Redirected air flow for increased ventilation.
  4. Blocks intense sunlight from entering a structure, reducing costs of cooling.
  5. Shielding air-conditioning units from view and reducing weather damage.

Arafura Fabrications provide a wide range of designs and materials and offer a level of personal service that makes transforming your building a personal pleasure.